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Nostrum Energy's education series, "Knowing with Nostrum," is designed to answer the basic questions automotive junkies have when it comes to gaining more power without sacrificing efficiency. Nostrum's "DI Guys" explain how you can achieve both through kinetic technology, and cover fundamentals such as direct vs port injection, diesel engines, combustion systems, spray targeting, and more.

Knowing With Nostrum: GDI vs PFI; What’s the Difference?

The first of Nostrum Energy’s education series “Knowing with Nostrum,” this video breaks down the basics between Gasoline Direct Injection and Port Fuel Injection, highlighting the essential must-knows for the automotive aftermarket’s shifting direction.

Knowing with Nostrum: What is Kinetic Direct Injection (K-DI)?

In our last video, we saw a shift in today’s engines from PFI to DI. In this video, “What is K-DI,” you will learn why Nostrum’s version of a DI injector is far more superior than any other on the market today.

Knowing with Nostrum: How to Install Nissan VQ35DE Injectors

This episode offers injector design features and a demonstration for installing port fuel injectors on a Nissan 3.5L V6, VQ35DE engine.

Knowing with Nostrum: How to Install PFI Injectors for Ford 5.0L V8 Coyote

This episode provides step-by-step instructions for installing port fuel injectors on a Ford 5.0L V8 Coyote engine. 2011 – 2016 Ford F-Series & Mustang GT, and engines with Boss 302/Ford Performance Intake Manifold. 950cc/min @ 3bar. Direct fit. Quantity per Engine: 8

Knowing with Nostrum; How to install injectors on Mitsubishi 4G63T Turbo engine

This episode provides step-by-step instructions for installing port fuel (K-ITI) injectors on a Mitsubishi 4G63T Turbo charged four cylinder engine.

Nostrum Energy

Nostrum Energy

Nostrum Energy’s team is highly dedicated to discovering breakthrough technologies in combustion systems that enable better performance, along with novel advancements in fuel emissions.

Nostrum Cross Country Road Trip

This video captures experience of driving the Nostrum Demo Cadillac from Ann Arbor, MI to Las Vegas, NV, enduring almost every possible condition without compromising power or performance.

PFI Injectors are Coming – GTR Dynamometer Runs

Nostrum K-ITI(TM) port fuel injectors are coming. Director of Engineering, Sam Barros, calibrates Nissan 2014 GTR Premium with competitive injectors.

Nostrum Energy: 90 second pitch for SAFE’s Emerging Innovation Award

Nostrum Energy has developed an innovative internal combustion cycle demonstrating significant improvements in vehicle fuel efficiency.

SEMA 2015 Tradeshow Video

This video was played at last years SEMA Show 2015. It highlights the key developmental and engineering processes Nostrum uses to create state-of-the-art technology.