AMS Infiniti VR30 M-KDI

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  • Modular kinetic injectors (M K-DI)
  • Capable of supporting 675 whp on E85
  • Capable of supporting 975 whp on 93 octane
  • Ethanol compatibility up to E100
  • Maximum operating pressure: 200 bar
  • Direct fit (same electrical connector and fuel rail connection)
  • Dynamically flow matched set
  • Quantity: sold as set of 6

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Utilizing our specially patented nozzles Nostrum High Performance’s direct injectors create proprietary kinetic particle break-up resulting in smaller droplet sizes, superior atomization and shorter liquid lengths. This means Nostrum’s kinetic direct injectors not only increase horsepower, but make creating power more efficient! Featuring a universal multi-piece nozzle our modular kinetic injector series are made available at a more economical price point, however with computational fluid dynamics optimized per application and spray quality within 9.5% of our premium series it does so without compromising performance.


Vehicle Application:

INFINITI Q50 2016-2019

INFINITI Q60 2017-2019